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Photo courtesy of Pinterest
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Hoofer: noun. Slang. A professional dancer, especially a tap dancer. (Dictionary.com)

When I did my Fosse imitation a few weeks back, Karina, one of our commenters, suggested that I try to do a Gene Kelly imitation. I’ve tap danced before, I thought. No big deal. Continue reading Hoofer


Finding Your Voice in Music

By Anna Rose Meeds

For years, I longed to be a singer and actress.  Musicals constantly replayed in my mind as I cast myself in every lead.  Dreams of having a golden voice that drew people in instantly filled my thoughts.

However, reality set in as I grew older.   Sure, I could carry a tune, but my voice was probably not prima donna material.  Disappointment and loss of confidence caused me to give up on my love of music.

So my challenge for today was to try singing again after pushing it aside for several years.  My attempt is shaky and full of mistakes; however I persevered on despite the blips.

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Play Us a Song, Piano Girl!

Whenever I think of music, one of the first instruments that pops into my head is the piano.  Now, I’m not a piano player, but I do love its sound, so for today’s short burst of art, I decided to try to play the piano.  Granted, I didn’t have any music and I couldn’t remember where Middle C was, but that’s okay. I just sat down at one of the pianos at school and began to play.   I’m not sure that it sounded exactly like music, but I’d like to think that it sounded a little better than just some girl banging on a piano.

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