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Brazilian Cooking

By Anna Rose Meeds

Some of the ingredients

What might happen if you try your hardest, but that is still not good enough? Can you accomplish something great even if you make a mistake? Do you need to be perfect to leave a great impression?

The Brazilian bobsled team in the Sochi Olympics showed that it is possible to not win but still win over hearts and inspiration. Impressive fundraising helped them get there. While in Russia, the teams continued to work hard and inspire fellow athletes. Finally, the women survived a horrific crash. Obviously, they accomplished much although they did not place first.

The beans being soaked before being boiled and soaked for an hour
Measuring and rinsing the beans

In honor of them, I cooked a Brazilian recipe: Coconut Beans or Feijão de Coco. This soup-like recipe blends sweet and salty. Although it did not end up perfect, I learned from my cooking and gave my family an unique supper.

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Photography: Finding the Creative in the Mundane

By Anna Rose Meeds

Pastry at the Cafe on campus

Today, I decided to use my new camera to take some photographs.  This creativity challenge might seem simple, but walking the halls of school trying to find interesting subjects filled my day. Every potential item intrigued me but then seemed like a lame choice.

In a world where anyone can snap a picture with their phone, I feel silly attempting to be a photographer. If the finished product does not look perfect, what is the point? That harsh philosophy has been my past belief.

Fall meets winter
Fall meets winter

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