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Creating a Board Game in 7.5 Simple Steps

By Anna Rose Meeds

How often do you sit down and play a board game? Growing up, I loved this family time. Why is it that we play less as we grow older? Sure, our lives become more busy, but sometimes taking a break to play a game releases stress. Even better is to use creativity to make a board game.

Creating your own game might sound overly ambitious. However, it can be done with a bit of creativity and 30 minutes. To prove that point, I will show you how in 7.5 simple steps.

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Appreciation Through the Creative Arts

Do you know someone who is going through a hard time right now? Are you trying to find ways to encourage them? Have you considered looking at crafting in the creative arts?

Crafts can sound childish, but they can be highly effective in giving someone a little extra love. I have a friend who is going through a bit of hard time right now, and since it was her birthday yesterday, I decided to create a unique sort of card, not only to say happy birthday, but also to remind her how much I love her.

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