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Creating a Board Game in 7.5 Simple Steps

By Anna Rose Meeds

How often do you sit down and play a board game? Growing up, I loved this family time. Why is it that we play less as we grow older? Sure, our lives become more busy, but sometimes taking a break to play a game releases stress. Even better is to use creativity to make a board game.

Creating your own game might sound overly ambitious. However, it can be done with a bit of creativity and 30 minutes. To prove that point, I will show you how in 7.5 simple steps.

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Need to Find a New Identity, Eh?

Trip to England
Watson and Holmes certainly had accents.

By Anna Rose Meeds

Today, my optimism and energy seemed drained away by some invisible force.  For some odd reason, every artistic idea flopped that I contemplated doing for this blog.  How was I suppose to write about creativity when all I wanted was to get through the day in one piece?

Thus, I decided to take on a new identity for a short time.  This evening, my friend invited me to a tea party.  Instead of sneaking away and hiding behind a novel, I will attend and chat with others.  However, every sentence that I say will be in a different voice or accent.

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Drawing Friendship or Love: The Harry and Hermione Dilemma in Art

By Anna Rose MeedsHermione and Harry

Just a few days ago, the famous author of Harry Potter admitted that she made a mistake.  According to J. K. Rowling, Harry and Hermione should have ended up together instead of the pairing of Ron and Hermione.

This change rocked the fans of the Potter universe.  Best friends suddenly in love?  Or were the deep feelings simply hidden to appease the high-tempered Weasley family?  Many questions are left floating around as readers contemplate this change in story.

Art can sometimes reflect questions that we are facing.  It can also come from emotions and experiences in our lives.  Thus, I decided to make a work of art centered on this literary couple with someone special.

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Can You Outfit Shop Creatively on a Budget

By Anna Rose Meeds

Pink, red, and black dress
Pink, red, and black dress: $3.99

How do you find inexpensive but classy clothing?  Is it possible to look attractive while spending a small amount of money?  Are brand name items worth the price or can one stand out while still saving cash?

These are questions that I have heard many young adults pondering.  Growing up, I was taught to enjoy well-made clothing but look for deals.  One of the best places to find these hidden treasures is at a thrift store or Goodwill.

Pink shirt with checkered skirt
Pink shirt with checkered skirt: $7.99

Perhaps you do not regard shopping as art.  However, there is a certain creativity involved in searching for something new, unique, or useful.  Choosing between different items not only requires logic but imagination.  How will this dress make you look as opposed to that one?  What cookie will make your roommates the happiest?  Should you spend money on something you trust or take a chance on a new item?  All of these choices help you to think outside of the box.  Putting together parts of an outfit while clothing shopping especially brings out this creative quality.

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