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Making a 3D Collage of Yourself

By Anna Rose Meeds

Who are you?

Meanings Writing utensils - major and education/school Cat - stuffed animals and cats Mask - theater Pompom person - treatment Roses - name and love of flowers Books - literature Jade dog - longing to travel especially to China Glass slipper - Cinderella Crown - love of princesses Earrings - my love of those too Trophy - public speaking Cross - faith Movies - Lord of the Rings Shell - river by house and nature
Writing utensils – major and education/school
Cat – stuffed animals and cats
Mask – theater
Pompom person – treatment
Roses – name and love of flowers
Books – literature
Jade dog – longing to travel 
Glass slipper – Cinderella
Crown – love of princesses
Earrings – my love of those too
Trophy – public speaking
Cross – faith
Movies – Lord of the Rings
Shell – river by house and nature

That seems like such a simple question, but when you think about it deeply, it can be difficult to answer. Who are we? What makes up what we are deep down? Personality, values, genetics, thoughts?

 Philosophers, psychologists, artists, and ordinary people have pondered this for years. Yet, everyone seems to have differing opinions. What we all can agree on is that people are unique and amazing creatures who are difficult to understand fully.

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Brazilian Cooking

By Anna Rose Meeds

Some of the ingredients

What might happen if you try your hardest, but that is still not good enough? Can you accomplish something great even if you make a mistake? Do you need to be perfect to leave a great impression?

The Brazilian bobsled team in the Sochi Olympics showed that it is possible to not win but still win over hearts and inspiration. Impressive fundraising helped them get there. While in Russia, the teams continued to work hard and inspire fellow athletes. Finally, the women survived a horrific crash. Obviously, they accomplished much although they did not place first.

The beans being soaked before being boiled and soaked for an hour
Measuring and rinsing the beans

In honor of them, I cooked a Brazilian recipe: Coconut Beans or Feijão de Coco. This soup-like recipe blends sweet and salty. Although it did not end up perfect, I learned from my cooking and gave my family an unique supper.

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Creating a Board Game in 7.5 Simple Steps

By Anna Rose Meeds

How often do you sit down and play a board game? Growing up, I loved this family time. Why is it that we play less as we grow older? Sure, our lives become more busy, but sometimes taking a break to play a game releases stress. Even better is to use creativity to make a board game.

Creating your own game might sound overly ambitious. However, it can be done with a bit of creativity and 30 minutes. To prove that point, I will show you how in 7.5 simple steps.

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Filling in the Accidental Gaps

By Anna Rose Meeds

“Accidental gap” – When I first heard that phrase, I did not understand what it meant.  Something that has a hole in it?  Leaving out something that you were supposed to pack?  A pause when the speaker forgets what to say?

Well, all of these guessed definitions form part of an accidental gap.  According to Glottopedia which is a linguistic website, “an accidental gap is a non-existing word which is expected to exist given the hypothesized morphological rules of a particular language.”  Put plainly, it is a word that does not exist in our language but does in other ones such as “unsad” or “love between best friends.”  Here is a great video that shows this.

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Need to Find a New Identity, Eh?

Trip to England
Watson and Holmes certainly had accents.

By Anna Rose Meeds

Today, my optimism and energy seemed drained away by some invisible force.  For some odd reason, every artistic idea flopped that I contemplated doing for this blog.  How was I suppose to write about creativity when all I wanted was to get through the day in one piece?

Thus, I decided to take on a new identity for a short time.  This evening, my friend invited me to a tea party.  Instead of sneaking away and hiding behind a novel, I will attend and chat with others.  However, every sentence that I say will be in a different voice or accent.

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Support Local Arts

Greater TunaBy Anna Rose Meeds
One of the best ways to add a bit of creativity into your life is by attending an artistic event.  Whether you visit a sculpture museum, attend a ballet, listen to an orchestra, or watch a musical, there is much to be gained from supporting art.

On Wednesday, I went to see the two-man play Greater Tuna at my university.  Scathingly hilarious, satire filled this entire show which kept the audience laughing and engaged with the story.  Even better, the two actors did a brilliant job of playing 20 characters.  Some of the costume changes were less than 15 seconds, but they both remained believable and amusing.  Everything from a harried housewife to an enthusiastic Baptist preacher to a dog-killing old woman to a sweet little boy appeared on the stage.  By the end of the show, you have met many types of caricatures of people from a small town.

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Drawing Friendship or Love: The Harry and Hermione Dilemma in Art

By Anna Rose MeedsHermione and Harry

Just a few days ago, the famous author of Harry Potter admitted that she made a mistake.  According to J. K. Rowling, Harry and Hermione should have ended up together instead of the pairing of Ron and Hermione.

This change rocked the fans of the Potter universe.  Best friends suddenly in love?  Or were the deep feelings simply hidden to appease the high-tempered Weasley family?  Many questions are left floating around as readers contemplate this change in story.

Art can sometimes reflect questions that we are facing.  It can also come from emotions and experiences in our lives.  Thus, I decided to make a work of art centered on this literary couple with someone special.

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Finding Your Voice in Music

By Anna Rose Meeds

For years, I longed to be a singer and actress.  Musicals constantly replayed in my mind as I cast myself in every lead.  Dreams of having a golden voice that drew people in instantly filled my thoughts.

However, reality set in as I grew older.   Sure, I could carry a tune, but my voice was probably not prima donna material.  Disappointment and loss of confidence caused me to give up on my love of music.

So my challenge for today was to try singing again after pushing it aside for several years.  My attempt is shaky and full of mistakes; however I persevered on despite the blips.

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Can You Outfit Shop Creatively on a Budget

By Anna Rose Meeds

Pink, red, and black dress
Pink, red, and black dress: $3.99

How do you find inexpensive but classy clothing?  Is it possible to look attractive while spending a small amount of money?  Are brand name items worth the price or can one stand out while still saving cash?

These are questions that I have heard many young adults pondering.  Growing up, I was taught to enjoy well-made clothing but look for deals.  One of the best places to find these hidden treasures is at a thrift store or Goodwill.

Pink shirt with checkered skirt
Pink shirt with checkered skirt: $7.99

Perhaps you do not regard shopping as art.  However, there is a certain creativity involved in searching for something new, unique, or useful.  Choosing between different items not only requires logic but imagination.  How will this dress make you look as opposed to that one?  What cookie will make your roommates the happiest?  Should you spend money on something you trust or take a chance on a new item?  All of these choices help you to think outside of the box.  Putting together parts of an outfit while clothing shopping especially brings out this creative quality.

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Reciting a Dramatic Monologue

By Anna Rose Meeds

Sometimes, I long to escape from my life and become another person.  This is one of the reasons that acting on stage gives me a thrill of freedom.  Actors and actresses learn to transform their own personalities into a new persona with the use of imagination and character study.  When the spotlight hits me, I transform into someone from another world.

However, unless you are cast in a show, theater is not a consistent form of self-expression and creativity.  Luckily, reciting dramatic monologues from plays, movies, or books can give you a similar feeling.

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