Did you love face painting as a child? Were you one of those kids at the fair who begged your parents to pay for a tiger-face paint job? Did you get into your mom’s make-up when you were little?

snow leopardIf you’re like me in that you like to use paint, but you’re terrible at it, then this short art burst is for you. Using your face as a canvas is a lot easier than paper. Plus, you can use your fingers. Double bonus.

Painting your face makes you sound like a child at the fair, but it truly is an art form. There is also something so amazing about watching your face transform into another creature with the help of only a few containers of make-up paint. (I got mine a few years ago at Halloween Express; each cost about $3 and they’re still good.) This time, I chose to decorate my face as my favorite animal: the snow leopard. I copied a picture off of Google and used black, white, and red paint plus an old soft-bristled paint brush to change my face. (You can see that since I didn’t have gray, I started out with white paint and then mixed black in as I went.)

Clean face, ready to be transformed.
Clean face, ready to be transformed.
Photo on 2-8-14 at 9.38 PM
I used my black paint and brush to line my eyes, but regular eyeliner works just as well.
Photo on 2-8-14 at 9.47 PM
TIP: when marking off the mouth area, smile, and draw lines inside in the curves of skin. This makes the white patch to look more natural.
Photo on 2-8-14 at 9.57 PM #2
Next were the eyebrows. When doing cats, many people try to make the eyebrows more slender and add interesting “wings” to the brows. As you can see, I made mine a little too bushy.
Photo on 2-8-14 at 10.03 PM #2
Doing the spots made me feel like a Dalmatian! I used my paintbrush for this one, although a Q-tip would work well too.
Photo on 2-8-14 at 10.09 PM #3
TIP: when painting your lips, don’t cover them fully in the black paint since kitty lips tend to be narrow.
Photo on 2-8-14 at 10.15 PM #4
Final step: use a dab of red to make a pink nose.

One quick note, paint does tend to be a little hard on your skin. Don’t be rough when putting it on and clean it off thoroughly when you’re finished.  (I recommend Neutrogena’s face wipes – they’re a lot more effective than just regular make-up remover.)

Do you have an animal that you’d like to paint your face as? Is there any animal you would like me to try?

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