Ukrainian Priests & Lunch-Break Photography

Last week, I came across this picture in my Facebook news feed:

Photo credit: Pinterest

It’s a photograph of priests from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church standing in between the peaceful protestors and the armed police forces in Kiev. When it was taken, they didn’t know if Ukraine would break out into a civil war, or even if it even survive as a country.

This image captures the priests’ bravery and poise during a time of nation-wide unrest. It reminded me of what draws me to photography—its ability to tell stories and communicate emotions.

When I discovered this picture, I was halfway through a photography challenge. Every day during my lunch break, I photographed the view from the nearest window, stepping outside if possible. I was struck by the contrast between the pictures I had taken, mostly of snowdrifts or light filtering through clouds, and the tension in Ukraine.

My lunch-break photography is far from extraordinary, but it helped me to be grateful for the peace and stability my county enjoys. I hope that the people of Ukraine will soon be able to experience that peace.

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Learn more about what’s happening in Ukraine:


4 thoughts on “Ukrainian Priests & Lunch-Break Photography

  1. I really appreciate the contrast between your images and the ones from the Ukraine. I’ve been following the Ukrainian conflict for awhile and it’s shocking to me how little mainstream media coverage it’s gotten in the states. Thanks for posting about it!

  2. Awesome post, Brienna! I love how you connected photography with the current events in Ukraine. Photography really does have a powerful effect on people, whatever it may be. I, too, am praying for peace for Ukraine, and I thought you captured the essence of peace in your photos! Thanks for sharing.

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