Drawing Friendship or Love: The Harry and Hermione Dilemma in Art

By Anna Rose MeedsHermione and Harry

Just a few days ago, the famous author of Harry Potter admitted that she made a mistake.  According to J. K. Rowling, Harry and Hermione should have ended up together instead of the pairing of Ron and Hermione.

This change rocked the fans of the Potter universe.  Best friends suddenly in love?  Or were the deep feelings simply hidden to appease the high-tempered Weasley family?  Many questions are left floating around as readers contemplate this change in story.

Art can sometimes reflect questions that we are facing.  It can also come from emotions and experiences in our lives.  Thus, I decided to make a work of art centered on this literary couple with someone special.

My friend drew the faces because he is a talented artist who has a great deal of experience.  Then I added the flowing outfits, words, and background.  My intent was to give them flowing clothing that represented the fantasy of their relationship.  Not only are Harry and Hermione literary characters, their love is pretend even in the Hogwarts world because Rowling never wrote them together.  However, the faces and hands intertwined represent the authentic nature of the couple’s feelings.

When you draw to think through an issue or feeling, you come to understand it better.  Even though you might not answer a problem, peace seems to come as you think through how to represent it and release any pent up emotions.  Doing this artwork made me think about my own friendships and romantic feelings as well as Harry and Hermione’s dilemma.

So, I encourage you to try drawing something that you hear about, questions that you have, problems in your life, or emotions that are bothering you.  It can be a helpful release and thought-provoking experience.

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About annarosemeeds

I am a writer and speaker who wants to spread hope, truth, and awareness. After struggling through many years of depression, eating disorders, anxiety, aspergers, and numerous other illnesses, I have finally begun to see a light at the end of the tunnel which I want to share with all those who need encouragement and support. Creativity and imagination play an important role in my life and recovery.

2 thoughts on “Drawing Friendship or Love: The Harry and Hermione Dilemma in Art

  1. This was a very interesting news story this week. I personally took Rowlings words to mean that she feels that traditionally, the leading man and leading lady fall in love. She broke that trope in her stories because of some emotions she was processing at the time, and now she wishes she hadn’t. It sounds to me like she did exactly what you’re talking about here; let her feelings out in her art, resulting in something genuine and appreciated by her fans. That’s why I think she’s wrong by wanting to undo Ron and Hermione. That storyline came from a true, emotional place, which is the only way to write a romance.

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