Do you ever watch dances that you love and wish you could perform?  I know I do, particularly when I see a well-choreographed Broadway number or a cool So You Think You Can Dance clip. I have a lot of favorite dances, but a most of them are too professional for me to imitate them completely.  However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t do something similar.

For today’s short art burst, I decided to imitate a choreographer’s style, namely Bob Fosse. If you’re into musical theater, you’ve probably heard his name fairly often. He choreographed Sweet Charity, Pippin, Kiss Me Kate, Chicago, Damn Yankees, The Pajama Game and more. He has a very particular style of jazz dance and there has even been a show dedicated to his style of dance, aptly titled Fosse. I looked up a lot of clips of Bob Fosse-style dancing and then made up my own short bit of choreography based off of his style. (I used the song “Spain (I Can Recall)” by Al Jarreau.) This was definitely one of the hardest challenges I’ve done, but easily the most fun.

Some of the things that I noticed about Fosse-style was that there were almost always hats involved as well as a wide use of the floor (both crossing it and being on one’s knees), spins, pivots, Latin-style swivels, high knees scoops, and cross-the-floor leaps. It was fun to copy his work but definitely a challenge.  There were a lot of wonderful Fosse-choreographed and Fosse-inspired dance clips that I found, but I’ve listed a few of my favorites below.

“Steam Heat” (The Pajama Game)

“Who’s Got the Pain?” (Damn Yankees)

“I’m a Brass Band” (Sweet Charity)

So, what about you? What’s your favorite kind of dance style? Is there a choreographer you would like to see me imitate?


7 thoughts on “Fosse!

  1. This brought I smile to my face. Absolutely adorable. Your guys’ creativity is seriously broad. I applaud you for trying things out of the English Major bubble.

    Though I do have to say that my favorite choreographer is probably Gene Kelly. Especially Singin’ in the Rain. Think you could give it a shot?

    1. Thanks so much Karina! It’s fun not to be writing all the time and exploring other areas of the creative arts. Your response just made my day. 🙂 I’d love to try Gene Kelly! (He’s one of my favorites too.) Definitely look for that in the next few weeks!

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