Finding Your Voice in Music

By Anna Rose Meeds

For years, I longed to be a singer and actress.  Musicals constantly replayed in my mind as I cast myself in every lead.  Dreams of having a golden voice that drew people in instantly filled my thoughts.

However, reality set in as I grew older.   Sure, I could carry a tune, but my voice was probably not prima donna material.  Disappointment and loss of confidence caused me to give up on my love of music.

So my challenge for today was to try singing again after pushing it aside for several years.  My attempt is shaky and full of mistakes; however I persevered on despite the blips.

Sometimes we need to let go of old dreams to make to make room for new ones.  Yet, these old desires do not need to be abandoned completely.  One can still enjoy operas without singing the lead.  There is no reason why one needs to forget their past dreams completely.

Singing helps you to find your voice.  There is a reason why singing is so exhilarating and terrifying; it exposes part of you to others.  What will they think?  Will people laugh at you?  How will others react the next time that they see you?

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, people can hurt you or choose to leave you.  Yet, that does not mean you should hide your voice.  Instead, try letting your voice out through singing, dramatic reading, or speaking up for a cause you believe.

I am still anxious about singing.  However, doing this activity not only added creativity into my life.  It also helped me regain a lost dream.  I encourage you to try something that you have not allowed yourself to do and strive to find your voice today.

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About annarosemeeds

I am a writer and speaker who wants to spread hope, truth, and awareness. After struggling through many years of depression, eating disorders, anxiety, aspergers, and numerous other illnesses, I have finally begun to see a light at the end of the tunnel which I want to share with all those who need encouragement and support. Creativity and imagination play an important role in my life and recovery.

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