Need a Taste of a Story?

No, I’m not talking about eating a novel or munching on a paragraph. I’m talking about writing a 26 word story. One day in my fiction writing class, my professor encouraged us to write (in about three minutes) a story, or an idea, in 26 words or less. We all looked at her for about 30 seconds in confusion before our pencils hit the paper. Since I have been prone to ramble, I wrote my “story” about three times before I got it under 26 words. Here’s the result: As an infant, I looked and stared—eyes open wide. Images poured in until my eyes stayed permanently stretched. My vision is bad now.

Word count: 24. (Whew!)

I found this to be a fun challenge since as a writer, I often want to just sit down and pound out words, but I don’t have the time. A 26 word story is just a taste of writing to tie me over until I do have time to write. And while my professor thought I was being all deep, I was really just writing about Dominic Monaghan’s theory of why Elijah Wood has the biggest blue eyes ever. Go figure. (Watch from 45 seconds to 1:30.)

It’s fun to see where people go with these kinds of challenges. If you try it and feel comfortable, feel free to post your story as a comment. I’d love to see it.

P.S. See PostSecret if you’re interested in a similar writing challenge. Be forewarned though that this website can have a PG13 rating.


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