What If I Don’t Have Time?

I love going to the art gallery on my college campus and seeing what other students have created. I just don’t have time make anything myself.

But that’s not completely true. There’s always some lag time between my classes or while I’m waiting for the shuttle. I just tend to use these gaps to browse Facebook or Twitter. Although I’m never on for very long, these bits of time can add up.

For one day, I challenged myself to use these breaks to create something, specifically to draw. I’m not an art major—the last drawing class I took was in middle school. My confidence in my artistic ability maxes out slightly above stick figures.

How am I going to fill all those boxes?

Still, I carried a sheet of printer paper and a mechanical pencil with me all day yesterday. Instead of using my breaks between classes to check social media, I drew. I had no specific requirements for subjects, so sometimes I drew geometric shapes, sometimes I drew identifiable (though very cartoon-y) objects, and sometimes I just doodled.

Making progress

I’m sure that my results violate several artistic principles, but I had fun. At first, I had a hard time coming up with ideas, but it got easier the more I drew. I would love to try doing this again, maybe with more specific subject matter or more realistic drawings. This project made me wonder what else I could create in my schedule’s margins.


Want to learn more about drawing or try a challenge?


2 thoughts on “What If I Don’t Have Time?

  1. I love this idea, and I love your piece of work. I love doodling and creating things with utensils because nowadays, it seems like no one is using the basics anymore (pencil and paper) even when it comes to art. I agree with you that there is time for everything, even for fun, small projects like this, if we make time. Thanks for linking some helpful sights too.

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