A Short Burst of Dance

Do you need more cardio in your life but dread the sight of a treadmill?  If this describes you, then know that you’re not alone.  I too am tired of running on the treadmill and doing sit-ups.  So for this weekend’s short art burst, I’m daring you to dance for your workout.

dance quote

Now, you may be thinking to yourself “But I’ve never taken lessons!” That’s okay – I’m not a trained dancer by any stretch of the imagination.  To me, dancing is simply moving your body to some sort of rhythm.  It doesn’t have to be some crazy Dancing with the Stars routine; it can be as simple as stepping side toside and snapping your fingers.  It’s a wonderful way to express yourself.

Last Saturday, my roommate and I decided to dance for our workout.  Since our school doesn’t have a dance studio, we ended up dancing in the basement of the school cafeteria.  She and I hopped and shuffled and skipped around to our favorite songs and even made up some choreography of our own.  We had a lot of fun while working up a sweat.  So, try dancing for your workout today or this weekend.  Make up some moves or copy some of your favorite dance moves from a show or movie that you like.  (I have included some of my favorite dance songs below.) Remember, this is working out while having fun, so there is no pressure to create a beautiful piece of choreography.  Just have fun!


6 thoughts on “A Short Burst of Dance

  1. Dancing is my favorite way to work-out too. Most of the time it’s when I’m not even planning to work out, do I realize that I’ve actually burned some calories. I wish I were better at swing dancing, because that’s a great way to get your heart beating.

    1. No kidding! I love to swing dance too. The nice thing about it is that there’s a lot of fun YouTube videos that teach swing dance – have you tried looking at those much? Thanks for commenting!

  2. Stepping from side-to-side and snapping my fingers (or sometimes bobbing my head) is about the only thing that I know how to do when on the dance floor. As an awkward stiff and off beat dancer, I quit dancing a long time ago; however, I will try dancing again–maybe in my room–because as much as it is a workout, your blog made me realize that it is also a source of letting go. By the way, I love your choice of songs.

    1. Wow, thank you! Dancing is just so flexible in both purpose and choice of movement; I find it amazing that average people like us can be dancers just as much as a professional ballerina is a dancer. 🙂 Thanks again for the comment!

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